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Jawbone UPIn April of 2013, I was interested in purchasing a fitness-tracking device. I purchased the Jawbone UP on April 19, 2013. I was excited to get it. I was mostly interested in the sleep monitoring that the Jawbone UP offered, that its competitors did not. I was evaluating three products: Jawbone UPNike+ FuelBandFitbit Flex

The Jawbone UP was water resistant (not water proof), monitored activity and sleep. The Nike+ FuelBand only monitored activity wasn’t water resistant. It also measured “NikeFuel” which is a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities. I personally was not interested in this. The Fitbit Flex seemed promising but the company kept pushing back their release date. It was water proof, had interchangeable bands, and monitored activity, not sleep.

I regretfully ended up buying the Jawbone UP. The product worked great. For one month I was able to monitor my sleep habits and track my daily activity. It worked great, but only worked for a month. I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement almost immediately. Again, the replacement product worked great for a month and simply stopped working.

In both cases, the Jawbone Up wristband stopped charging. It would eventually just not turn on again. I followed all of the instructions that Jawbone technical support suggested, soft reset, hard reset, etc. Nothing worked. I never wore the wristband in the shower even though Jawbone claimed that it was water resistant. I really want to give the Jawbone UP a good review because I liked it a lot, when it worked. However, it didn’t work long. If you are considering purchasing this product, save your money until the durability and technology improves.

Since I purchased the Jawbone UP, Jawbone has released a new version called Jawbone UP 24. This version has many new features including wireless syncing for real-time insights. Maybe they’ll have better luck with this product. Nike also released a new version called the Nike+ FuelBand SE. Fitbit Flex finally released. Also, an even newer version of the Fitbit Flex is now available called the Fitbit Force. However, the company has issued a voluntary recall and is no longer selling this product.

In summary, I think the fitness-tracking market will be huge in the future. The sky is the limit in terms of what information we can gather about our bodies. However, the durability and technology isn’t ready yet. I am going to wait until the quality of products improves before I decide to purchase another fitness-tracking device.

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